Like Royals Release New Single, ‘Wither Away’

Sydney “melodic metalcore” outfit, Like Royals, dropped a brand new single recently called ‘Wither Away‘; a deeply personal song for the band due to its themes of confronting the nature of sobriety and the personal demons that alcohol can summon up.

“The song is ultimately about the battle of sobriety versus intoxication, throughout the song lyrics and instrumentation convey a distinct dark atmosphere,” said vocalist, Landon Kirk, with guitarist, Alex Kresojevic, adding in “Many of the lyrics in the song point out the fact that our problems are still very much real regardless of the temporary relief a substance can provide us”. So remember folks – everything in moderation and know when to seek help.

In Australia alone, alcohol is the cause of death for 15 people and the hospitalisation of over 430 Australians every single day, a 2014 VicHealth and Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) funded report revealed. Moreover, the Alcohol’s Burden of Disease in Australia report discovered that 5,554 deaths and 157,132 hospitalisations were caused by alcohol in 2010, with the number of deaths increasing by 62% since the study was last undertaken over a decade ago. For males, these injuries accounted for more than one in three (36%) alcohol-related deaths, whole cancer and digestive diseases caused 25 and 16 percent, respectively. As for females, one in three alcohol-related deaths were due to heart disease (34%), followed by cancers (31%) and then injuries (12%). (You can find more statistics about the issue here).

Considering the drinking culture that is so steeped in Aussie culture, alcohol-related injuries and deaths are a common occurrence and as a 21-year-old myself, I have seen that shit affect my a handful of friends over the years so I back the band for talking about this in their music. Oh, and speaking of, this new single from the Sydney outfit is rather solid too, with its greatest aspect being the guitar work on display here.

In support of their new song (which premiered over at Hysteria Mag earlier today and is a much higher release for the group), Like Royals will be embarking on their ‘Wither Away’ tour, which will be their largest tour yet stopping in through Tamworth, Central Coast, Canberra, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Wollongong with Brave Today in support. You can check out those live dates below.

Now, the last time that you may have seen/heard this band would have been with their first single ‘Speak in Tongues in early 2015, and since that time, the group has recorded and released their debut EP, titled ‘To Whom It May Concern‘, with the help of Richie Newman (of Buried In Verona fame).


If you or anyone you know is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, please know that you are not alone and that there is help available. Please see the below services if you are seeking help or guidance. 

  • DrugInfo : 1300 858 584.
  • Family Drug Helpline : 1300 660 068.
  • Youth Substance Abuse Service : 1800 014 446.
  • Counselling Online : 1800 888 236.
  • Kids Helpline : 1800 551 800.
  • Parentline : 1300 301 300.
  • Lifeline : 131114.

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