Premiere: We May Fall’s New Film Clip, ‘Again’

After premiering their newest single ‘Again‘ via Blunt Mag last week, Sydney’s We May Fall are at it again with a follow-up music video for the new tune, which we here at are very keen to be premiering.

The tight and cacophonous ‘Again‘ is the first song to be culled from We May Fall’s upcoming second full-length, the finer details of which are being kept well under lock and key, and it most likely won’t be seen until early or mid-2017. But for now, this new song is a big fucking step up from their ‘You Wear Those Scars Well‘ days, and it comes bursting out of the gates with lyrics that dissect the human condition, all of which are backed up by heavy guitar riffs and loud, booming breakdowns. Look no further than the 3:02 mark of this song to see that shit in action! We May Fall’s solid delivery of contemporary metalcore – which also echoes some of the genre’s more “old-school” bands – is wound very tight, as is the fact that they’ve also steered clear of using any clean vocals here. Now, that is not a cardinal sin by any means, but the lack of a “catchy” chorus and clean singing only helps to reinforce the heavy factor of ‘Again‘, and it also keeps the momentum up and the track flowing very nicely.

The song’s music video was directed by Evan Djirlic and was shot by Chris Elder, with this visual stimulant being thought-up by Djirlic and the band’s vocalist J.J Brady, as they worked together to capture the real essence of the song visually; an essence that revolves around “the conversation, the call and response, with yourself, with someone else…”. In a statement from Brady, he said of the video that:

“The interpretation is somewhat left open to the viewer, especially with the white hands. Are they hands of madness, love…villainy? We wanted people to be able to take their idea of what they think the song is and be able to connect that with the video.”

Now, as far as other news goes in the We May Fall camp, the band recently announced a sponsorship with the tattoo-inspired apparel company, Hourless, which aims to help further strengthen the reach and pull of the band’s name and their music.

We May Fall will be launching ‘Again‘ with a club show in Sydney next week on Saturday, December 10th at the Bald Faced Stag along with  Isotopes, Emecia, and Brave Today all in support. The cheap as chips tickets to the show are on sale now, and you can stream/watch ‘Again‘ below!

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