Saviour To Release Third Album, ‘Let Me Leave’, On January 13th

With a performance at Unify Gathering 2017 and with their third album ‘Let Me Leave‘ out in the same month, Saviour will be starting 2017 by marking a few things off of their ‘To Do’ list.

Let Me Leave‘ (artwork found below) will be released on January 13th via UNFD. In light of the announcement of this new record, and will be their first full-length since reforming in late 2015, the band also dropped a new single called ‘Pressure And Composure‘.

With this new single, the band are definitely showing more of their melodic, less-mosh-heavy side, and that includes having co-singer Shontay Snow singing a lot more. Which is a good thing, of course, and this album is shaping up to be the next step onwards from 2013’s ‘First Light To My Death Bed‘, sonically and stylistically speaking. However, all of these songs are starting to sound very similar in their tone, pacing and overall structure that I can’t help but feel if this record will be rather repetitive and “one-note”. Sure, there’s another seven songs to be found on this release so I hope that there is much more variety to be found on the full release, but now, when placed alongside ‘The Quiet Calm‘ and ‘Lovers‘, this track (and the band’s overall sound, as a result) is getting all too familiar and samey. Consistency is a great thing, but I sincerely hope that Saviour has a few more surprises tucked away for us.

Finally, last month, the band had to cancel their national tour dates outside of Western Australia/Perth due to undisclosed reasons, but I am sure that another headline tour will follow sometime in 2017.

Saviour Let Me Leave

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