Stepson Announce New EP, ‘The Beautiful Lie’

Before the year comes to a close, Stepson will be dropping a new release in the form of their upcoming and third overall EP, ‘The Beautiful Lie‘, which will be available from December 15th.

While the band don’t seem set to release a full-length album anytime soon, if this new EP is anything like their previous EP, ‘Echoes In An Empty Room‘, we’re all in for a solid, well-rounded, emotional treat.

An interesting thing to note about this new releases is that there’s a guest vocal spot on a song called ‘Leave Me Alone‘ by Caitlin Henry of Eat Your Heart Out, which personally makes me all kinds of keen. The cover photo (seen below) was done by one Alex Richardson, and the release was produced, mixed and mastered by Callan Orr over at Avalanche Studios.

Upon the announcement of ‘The Beautiful Lie‘ EP, (which is just a few letters away from sharing the same title as a banging 30 Seconds To Mars album), Stepson said that “We have attempted to bring you a sound we believe to be completely fresh and hope you all find some joy in these 3 new tracks”. Well, that’s all well and go- and wait, what? Only three fucking songs to enjoy!? Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers, I suppose.

Pre-order bundles for the EP are now live over at the band’s big cartel page. You can stream their most recent standalone single, ‘Never Mind Me‘ below, and you’ll be able catch Stepson live for the final time in 2016 at Melbourne’s Invasion Fest next month.


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