Premiere Stream: Tv Telepath’s ‘I Won True Love On A Game Show’ EP

Post-rock can often be a hit or miss genre. More often than not, it is the instrumental post-rock bands, your Explosions In The Sky’s, your This Will Destroy You’s, your Collapse Under The Empire’s, that produce the best work in the genre. But every now and then, a non-instrumental post-rock band like say, Melbourne-via-Adelaide outfit Tv Telepath, that come along and provide the real goods with an EP like ‘I Won True Love On A Game Show‘.

The dark, dreamy and dynamic soundscapes of these six songs range from the six-minute, snow-balling epic of the opening song, ‘Serotonin‘, to the brief one minute interlude of ‘Home‘, that then leads into what is easily the EP’s (and the bands) greatest song, ‘San Quinten (Nostradamus)‘. Look, it’s a pretty solid EP all up is what I’m trying to get at here!

The trio that makes up Tv Telepath is guitarist and vocalist Thomas Robinson, drummer Jarred Brown, and bassist Ryan Hume. This new release was produced, engineered and mixed by Dan Murtagh at Sing Sing Studios, and was co-engineered and co-produced by Tv Telepath back in 2015. On the themes surrounding the EP, Robinson said that it’s about perception versus reality and staying true to oneself in a world gone mad, saying:

“The way we feel day today is largely based on perception…and tools like the television are used to influence the masses into perceiving the world in a certain way. Influencing every aspect of our lives while selling products and fear the entire time. The record, in a sense, is about maintaining a connection with your true self in a seemingly chaotic modern world.”

The EP also includes the band’s latest single/music video, ‘The Millionaires Grin‘, which we premiered right here a few weeks ago, and you can stream ‘I Won True Love On A Game Show‘ in full below. P.S. you really should!

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