Premiere: Behind Her Savage Killing’s ‘Demolisher’

Usher in your weekend with Demolisher‘, the heavy as fuck new tune from Behind Her Savage Killing.

Tight, snappy drums, plenty of hectic guitar work, and some intense low growls and brutal vocals make ‘Demolisher‘ a somewhat standard deathcore track that is nonetheless a satisfying and vicious musical offering.

This new deathcore outfit features members from across Melbourne & Sydney. First, there’s Zak Borg from Absolution behind the drums, guitarist Roman Koester (who has an extensive CV, including The Red Shore, Thy Art Is MurderBoris The Blade, and Our Great War) and as for the remaining two members – vocalist Rad Rad and bassist Sasa Ardalic – are no strangers when it comes to this genre. As evident by the fact that this new song goes hard.

Now, as for the film clip, the performance shots were filmed on location at the Complex Ṡtudios in Melbourne (the same place where Jack The Stripper’sNibiru‘ was filmed), and those studios are also where the single was tracked, mixed, and mastered by Koester. The other half of the clip, the narrative shots in the snow detailing a revenge-fueled swordsman showdown influenced by older Eastern cinema (or perhaps inspired by a Ninja Gaiden game – fuck me, those things were hard), where shot out at Mount Baw Baw, Victoria. Apparently, everyone involved in the filming out there at Mount Baw Baw nearly got frostbite while working. Well, suffering for your art and all that.

Finally, a new full-length album from Behind Her Savage Killing will be dropping early next year that’ll show their more that just a deathcore band so keep your eyes and ears open for that! But before then, check out ‘Demolisher‘ below.

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