Bring Me The Horizon Drop ‘Oh No’ Music Video

The cycle for Bring Me The Horizon’sThat’s The Spirit‘ surges on with yet another single and music video, this time for the the album’s swan song, ‘Oh No‘.

Oh No‘ is by long and far one of the lighter, poppy songs found in Bring Me The Horizon’s discography as it stands now, and perhaps one of the better songs to be taken from their latest effort. But holy shit, the song’s recently released music video is weird as fuck!

From a supposedly telepathic hostage to an ominous wooden box, a small clay-like infant that plays a mine trumpet (pictured above), to the band performing the song in what feels like a scientific test more than a studio and causing people to break dance (because their music is just that goddamn good, apparently), this video is bonkers. Even so, I really appreciate the weirdness and story here and much like the killer video (ha) for ‘True Friends‘, this piece stands tall when compared with the rather…bland videos that accompanied ‘Throne‘ and ‘Avalanche‘ respectively.

Anyway, check out the ‘Oh No‘ film clip for yourself below and you can find their rescheduled 2017 Australian dates here.

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