Watch Bring Me The Horizon Perform ‘Doomed’ With An Orchestra

Many bands and artists go down the orchestra route and Bring Me The Horizon is just one of the latest examples. They are also one of the best examples of this method if this new live video of ‘Doomed‘ is anything to go by!

Recorded and captured back in April on this year at the Royal Albert Hall in London – a simply beautiful venue if there ever was one – after a brief introduction movement by the orchestra, the quintet takes to the grand stage with the full might of this orchestra behind them.

The multiple backing vocalists really add to Oli Sykes’s vocals and the song overall (especially during the sing-along at 5:25), and when the band fully kicks into that first chorus, you are more than likely going to get chills. Becuase when you mix BMTH’s rock sound (yes, backing tracks included) with the remaining choral, string, brass and percussion sections it is something truly spectacular. And when you further combine the solid mix of Romesh Dodangoda and the video’s excellent cinematography, epic does not even come close to describing this audio-visual experience!

Doomed‘ is the opening track of 2015’s ‘That’s The Spirit‘ and for a comparison of sorts, you can check out the original version here. Feels kinda…lacking after hearing it with the orchestra, doesn’t it?

You can also pick up a copy of the DVD here, and all proceeds go towards the Teenage Cancer Trust. So not only do you get a sick live DVD but you also get to feel good about your purchase too. Even if you don’t buy it, at least watch the video below, fan or otherwise.

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  1. Alex Sievers

    I’m curious to see how some of the other songs work with it, like Drown, Follow You or Oh No. And definitely some of the TIAHBMISI… songs.

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