Danny Worsnop Rejoins Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria has just recently confirmed that Danny Worsnop has returned as the band’s vocalist and that Denis Stoff has now departed from the band.

Asking Alexandria’s guitarist Ben Bruce announced the lineup news via a recent live stream on Facebook (you can find that video below) confirming that the earlier rumors that the band’s lineup was once again changing to be true. According to the band and their guitarist, after their last UK and Europe run, Stoff reportedly went radio silent. Upon being contacted to see just what the hell was going on as they moved forward with future plans, there was no response. As Bruce puts it, “he stopped talking to us”.

However, one response that was received from their now former singer was that “Asking Alexandria does not exist unless I get what’s owed to me”. While Bruce states that he doesn’t know, me thinks that there’s something more to that phrase than is being let on. I suppose that all will become clearer with future updates from both AA and Stoff.

Of course, with all of this happening, there now comes the big news that Worsnop has put down the acoustic guitar and cowboy hat for the time being and will once again step back on stage as AA’s frontman, with the slate supposedly wiped clean for both the singer and the band.

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