Premiere: Spectral Fires New EP, ‘Wayfarer’

Wayfarer‘ is the brand new EP from Melbourne’s Spectral Fires and with it being released in both physical format and across most digital mediums known to humankind tomorrow, we’ve got an early stream for you to check out today!

Since the young group picked up some instruments and thought ‘Yeah, why not?’, they’ve dropped a handful of releases; debut EP ‘Old Haunts’, their two-track release ‘Attrition || Progression’ as well as standalone single, ‘Headstrong’. But with this second EP, they’ve stamped out their prior discography as ‘Wayfarer‘ firmly takes its place as the strongest offering from Spectral Fires yet. The release was recorded by Jay Maas (if you listen to hardcore and didn’t know that he’s from Defeater, then you fucked up somewhere) and the local outfit has also had David Vernon of Belle Haven recently step in as their manager.

All of which all seems to be ticking the boxes in helping the band get a nice leg up on the local scene, especially so since the six tracks found within ‘Wayfarer‘ all culminate in one solid melodic hardcore offering.

Lead single and opener ‘New Resolve‘ kicks things off well enough with a great mix of light and heavy elements and establishes what you’ll hear throughout the 19-minute release. ‘False Step‘ showcases the band’s heavier musical side, while ‘Endure‘ reigns in the the band’s tempo but ramps up the emotional intensity with the harsh vocals and cathartic lyrics. ‘Left Behind‘ is another big emotional pinnacle for the EP with its tight mix of screams and clean vocals and has easily the best set of riffs on the whole EP.

Tethered & Tied‘ has some of the most aesthetically pleasing clean guitar chords I’ve heard in this genre in a long fucking time and this song in particular really shows off the groups lighter side. The final track ‘Turnover‘ – which doesn’t appear to have any chorus in its guitars – is perhaps the best example of the band’s melodic hardcore sound. See, where ‘New Resolve‘ promises the listener on what they’ll find sonically on the songs to come, ‘Turnover‘ makes very good on that promise as it wraps up the release with one of the best songs Spectral Fires have written thus far.

It’s all good shit, is what I’m trying to say here.

Now, I actually saw these guys support Being As An Ocean and Saviour earlier this year, and the one thing that really stuck out to me about their set was that they actually looked like they were having fun, despite playing to a half-empty room at Max Watts here in Melbourne. Despite the small crowd turnout during their set, it was crystal clear to see that all of the five members just seemed so stoked to be playing music they liked. So with an EP like ‘Wayfarer‘ now on their hands, I’m quite confident that they’ll be even more stoked to play moving forward.

You can nab ‘Wayfarer‘ on iTunes tomorrow for just $7 or you can go get a copy direct from the band (AKA the better option), but before you go spend your dosh, go stream the EP in full below first.

Spectral Fires also have a couple live dates coming up with their fellow Melbourne spoken-word/melodic hardcore peers, Aburden. Check out the dates below:

Saturday, October 22nd – Tote Upstairs, Melbourne (18+)

Thursday, October 27th – Factory Floor, Sydney (18+)

Friday, October 28th – Phoenix Arts Centre, Brisbane (18+)

‘Wayfarer’ is out tomorrow via Collision Course Records/MGM Distribution. If you like what you hear, maybe go give the lads a rating on Triple J Unearthed (I know, I know – Bandcamp is better) as it may just get them a spot on Unify Gathering next year!

Spectral Fires Wayfarer EP

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