Premiere: Pridelands – ‘Battery City’

Hallelujah! Pridelands latest cracker, ‘Battery City‘, has been freed from the shackles of Triple J Unearthed and we’re here to help it reintegrate into everyday life. So now you all can stream the song through superior services like YouTube and not have to deal with subpar MP3 quality.

But anyway! Like so much of Pridelands’ music, this is quite the personal song for the boys and one that they hope others, especially of their age and generation, can connect with. After all, there’s a multi-layered meaning to be found here.

“The song is about having a sense of escapism enter your life; a new set of eyes for the world in which you see it as a machine and not a living, breathing entity.” says vocalist Mason Bunt. Pridelands drummer, Jordan McDonald, also shares his thoughts on the song, saying “It’s about the desire to break out the hazy mirror-imaged lifestyle that routine and substances can reign over somebody. The desire to flip the table on your life.”

“Most importantly it’s about feeling powerless inside a cage you build for yourself. I picture a type of dark and grim desperation throughout, as if any attempt to reprimand your behavioral cycles are pointless,” concludes bassist Joshua Cory. (Sorry folks, no comment from guitarist Liam Fowler here – he’s volunteering for a few months in Nepal, helping those without proper access to hygiene and sanitation, the fucking legend).

Now, I do have a hunch that the song’s lyrical and thematic content may have also stemmed from the band relocating themselves from Mount Gambier, South Australia, over to the dystopian hellscape that is Melbourne, Victoria. Whatever the initial birth of the concept, the new single follows on from their previous audio-visual combo, ‘Coalesce‘, of which shares some similar themes. Also, considering that their ‘Natives‘ EP is now 18 or so months old, a debut full-length must be on the cards for a 2017 release. If it’s not out by next year, then our world will be poorer because of it.

Battery City‘ was recorded and produced by Jamie Marinos & Lance Prenc and was mixed and mastered by Adam “Nolly” Getgood (because of course it was). You can check out the ripper of a new track and its graphic video, done by Michael Steinheiser of Adventure Skull, below. Also, that’s graphic as in it has visuals, not that it’s violent, sexually explicit, and so on. Sorry.

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