Enter Shikari Drop Heavy New Tune, ‘Hoodwinker

It has barely been a month since their kickass Australian Redshift tour and yet Enter Shikari have just unleashed a brand new single – ‘Hoodwinker‘.

The age of the Mindsweepers is at an end it seems, and this new song is but the start of a whole new album cycle, as the band do prelude new albums with a single or two.

Now, apart from being one of the quartet’s heavier tracks in recent memory, alongside ‘Slipshod‘, ‘There’s A Price On Your Head‘ and both ‘The Appeal & The Mindsweep‘ tracks, of course, I love the various layers to the song’s lyrical and thematic content.

I first saw it as discussing the hatred delivered from certain individuals and groups towards the West’s current influx of refugees, as the band “plays” on a small, rickety boat out at sea (of which many poor foreign souls go through to arrive in Australia) and there’s the rather prominent line in the chorus of “Do you have the right documentation?“. But after a conversation with my significant other, who is a massive Enter Shikari fan if there ever was one, I came to think that the track actually spoke about organised religion. As there are the lyrics, “There’s only one location if you don’t follow me” and “I don’t care if you’re devout to the 3,000 other gods…“, plus to be hoodwinked is to be deceived or tricked, which alludes to religion so much so that it hurts.

You know what, maybe it’s both? Go check the song out for yourself below and draw your own conclusions because you are an independent being capable of free thought and are worthy of this life!

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