Alpha Wolf Release New Single, ‘Nail Biter’

Alpha Wolf dropped their latest film clip/track ‘Nail Biter‘ the other day and in spite of all pre-hype and prior hate that the band has received, it’s actually a pretty solid track all things considered.

Despite a line-up change and a “new” direction, the band’s music is of course still heavy, groove-focused and dissonant, guitarist Sabian Lynch still wears that damn mask, and you can bet that they’ll still have plenty of detractors. However, when compared with their prior work, ‘Nail Biter‘ is a real step up I must say. It feels so much tighter in terms of its production and things don’t feel as…messy. That may be in part due to the vocals, provided by the band’s new vocalist, Aidan Holmes, who previously fronted Gold Coast outfit Enfield, who released this ludicrous track, ‘Lyssa‘, back in 2014.

It’s also the first Alpha Wolf song I’ve listened to that I didn’t immediately forget about mere seconds after the song had ended, so that’s something!

The Melbourne quintet’s new single is just a glimpse of what their upcoming album, due out in 2017, will most likely showcase musically. Before then, check out ‘Nail Biter‘ and it’s music video below, in which the band wastes a tonne of perfectly good VHS tapes.

The band will also be touring with some mates in October and November, hitting up WA with Iconoclast, Justice For The Damned, among others, as well as VIC and QLD with Apate and The Sign of Four. Find those dates below.

October 14 – YMCA HQ – Perth AA
w/ Iconoclast, Havoc, Justice for the Damned and Cursed Earth

October 15 – Amplifier – Perth 18+
w/ Iconoclast, Havoc, Justice for the Damned and Cursed Earth

November 13 – Wrangler Studios – Melbourne AA
w/ Apate, The Sign of Four, Earthender, Gravemind

November 20 – Brisbane AA
w/ Apate, The Sign of Four, Deadlights, Vaela

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