I Prevail Release New Single, ‘Come And Get It’

You know, sometimes you can pick exactly what a band will sound like just by their name and what label they’re on. As is the case with I Prevail.

With this US band in particular – who are just one of the Fearless Records roster – if you picked that they were a mainstream hard-rock band mixing in generic post-hardcore choruses and typical metalcore riffs and vocals, then congrats, you won!

So, what’s your prize? Nothing tangible, but you get to listen to the Detroit outfit’s latest song, ‘Come And Get It‘, so that’s something, I guess.

The new track from the quartet premiered on our radio waves last Wednesday with Josh Merriel of Triple J’s SHORT.FAST. LOUD giving the single a spin, and you can “spin it” yourself below. This new track follows on from their previous singles ‘Scars‘ and ‘Stuck in Your Head‘, which come from IP’s new full-length album, ‘Lifelines‘.

Pictured: an actual photo of Detroit.

Pictured: an actual photo of a street in Detroit.

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