Blind Oracle Release ‘Bloodlines’, Is Good

Newcastle’s Blind Oracle dropped their new single ‘Bloodlines‘ recently and it’s the first brutal cut from their forthcoming full-length record.

The new song takes aim at society as a whole, and more accurately, at organised religion and how it influences social behaviour and ideals. Now, for a deathcore band, writing songs critiquing religion are a dime a dozen but this is actually the band’s first ever song about religion.

Man, that’d be like a band such as Stray From The Path only just now writing a song about police brutality. But in any case, ‘Bloodlines‘, for the time being, acts as a bridge between the group’s past material and the direction their heading in with this new album and whatever else they cook up.

On their new single, vocalist/magpie puncher extraordinaire, Brodie Paul says, “Bloodlines is an encapsulation of our aggression and frustration with the current state of societal unconsciousness prevalent in organised religion and the government. Bloodlines looks at how they both influence us in our daily lives through subtle manipulation and fear, and ultimate how they lead us astray. Heavy music is the greatest artistic vessel for this mindset, so it came together naturally. This is simply a reaction to the world we live in.”

Likewise, guitarist Seth Murrant spoke to me in a recent interview, talking about how the band uses metal to express themselves and their innermost demons, saying:

“…when we write, we make sure it is all from a personal place. I’d say that metal is the best expression for that. It’s probably the only vessel for that. We’ve all gone through hardships and we’re all still struggling but metal is the best outlet for us. I don’t think we would be as happy as we are if we didn’t have this outlet. If we made pop music, we wouldn’t be as happy because it wouldn’t allow us to let out the dark stuff within us.”

You can stream the band’s heavy mew single below. Also, on the Soundcloud link for the track, found below, I noticed that someone called User 213870079 said that this track was the “Best song I have heard in years. Can’t wait to hear more from Blind Oracle.”

Well, fuck me, if User 213870079 thinks its good, then it must be true!

Bloodlines‘ will be on iTunes, Spotify and all good online outlets from Tuesday, October 11th and a new video and tour announcement for the single will soon follow, so keep those peepers open. 

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