Steel Panther Announce New Album, Release Cheap Trick Cover

While on tour in Germany, Steel Panther announced that their fourth studio album, ‘Lower The Bar‘, will be out February 24th, 2017 Kobalt/Inertia.

But while a new album announcement is all well and good, it’s always better to have something to sink your teeth into and the band have got ya covered; they’ve also released their very own “sexified” rendition of Cheap Trick’s 1982 hit, ‘She’s Tight‘.

Now, as for why the band chose this song to cover, of which already sounds like a Steel Panther song title, lead singer Michael Starr said in a press release that:

“Cheap Trick was one of my favourite bands when I was younger. I’m so proud to have recorded this track for our new album and also to have Robin Zander himself sing with me on the song. It’s like a dream come true.”

Apart from changing ‘smoke’ to ‘joint’ in the final verse, this is a really faithful cover of the original track, and it suits Steel Panther’s vibe really well. Even if it is one of the most lyrically tamest songs the band has to their name.

There’s also an accompanying music video to go with the track, which has a fair few cameos in it, including Cheap Trick’s front man Robin Zander, Bobbie Brown (the woman from Warrant’s ‘Cherry Pie‘ video) Paris Michael Jackson (as in the late king of pop’s daughter) and Tony Palermo of Papa Roach.

For all of the fans that can’t ignore their listening urges, pre-orders are now available at the band’s website, iTunes, and Amazon. Also, if you are some form of musical noob or were born after 1999 (or both), check out the original and the somewhat less “sexy” version of ‘She’s Tight‘ here.

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Also, sorry Steel Panther, but Less Than Jake have the best Cheap Trick cover of all time.