Premiere: Kill Dirty Youth Get Wild In ‘Leech’ Film Clip

Melbourne’s Kill Dirty Youth sure are a messy, debaucherous bunch if they’re latest music video is anything to go by.

A one-night stand, a late day start, plenty of booze, a tasteful amount of blood, some dark rooms, a lot of punters wanting to rock out, and four dudes getting as chaotic as they can. Honestly, this seems just like the usual for Kill Dirty Youth and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

But I would say that the best part of the clip comes towards the end when drummer Louis Connor takes his drum kit into the crowd only to have it destroyed in mere seconds by his band mates. You know, as you do to your own band’s drummer.

The Melbourne punk/alternative rock natives filmed their latest video (which has an insanely cheesy ending) earlier this month while performing at The Tote, alongside The Council, Rick and the Dippers, & Rathead! so you can rest assure that that gig went off its proverbial tits.

Much like the quartet’s latest single, ‘Lexipro‘ – which was also shot by Jordan Tan – this new song is a loud, dark, dissonant rock jam, with an inkling and vibe for 90’s metal and rock. So go give it a look in below and if you like what you hear, suss out their last record, ‘Music Is For Losershere.

Kill Dirty Youth also have a small run of shows coming up next month. If those upcoming shows are anything like the above video, then maybe don’t wear your good shirt out to see them is all that I’ll say. Dates below!

leech tour 2

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