Parkway Drive Release ‘Bottom Feeder’ Music Video

Arguably one of the better songs off ‘Ire‘, ‘Bottom Feeder‘ is now the latest single from Parkway Drive and their fifth album.

Despite the polarising nature of that record for all of the long time fans (and a small majority of new fans) the end of this track in particular just goes so fucking hard, especially from 3:45 onwards. Much like ‘Dying To Believe‘ or ‘The Sound Of Violence‘, it shows the band towing the line between their old and new sound and vibe. But hey, it shits all over ‘Vice Grip‘ and that is always a good thing!

As for the music video’s footage, it was captured while the band was on tour by Third Eye Visuals and it shows that Parkway Drive are still not only on top of their touring schedules but also on top of their on-stage presence and live production. Fireworks galore is really the order of the day for the band now, it seems.

Ire‘, which recently received the “deluxe edition” treatment, is out now via Resist Records.


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