Crystal Lake Announce New Album

Japan’s prime metalcore band, Crystal Lake, have announced the release of their new album, ‘True North‘. Oooooh, baby!

The band’s fourth album will drop on November 30th and for those quick enough, a briefly released untitled track made it’s way onto YouTube last week, before being set as private. Basically, it sounded like the usual Crystal Lake; a tight mix, a couple big but solid breakdowns, plenty of heavy guitar chugs, Ryu’s TGI-like vocal style, and a few cringe-worthy lyrics to cap it off (still not sure if that’s because of the language barrier). Obviously, it’s hard to talk about it without having a publically available link to the song but I’m sure that it’ll get a full release soon.

However, in all honesty, I am dubious when a band releases an album this quickly since their last full-length. Sure, the band may have had a ton of music written or left over that they couldn’t fit onto ‘The Sign‘. Or they may have to release a certain amount of albums under their contract and figured a year or so was a good gap between releases. Or maybe they just bang out tunes like nobody’s business and thought ‘Yeah, why not?’.

I suppose we’ll find out come November 30th. In the meantime, go listen to ‘Prometheus‘ and ‘The Sign‘ in full to help bide the time over until this new release.

Or just stream their insane cover of the Beatie BoysBody Movin‘ below.

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