Meshuggah Release 360 Degree VR Lyric Video For ‘Nostrum’

Meshuggah have just put out a great new song out but it also comes with a rather pointless lyric video. When the universe gives, it also takes.

While the new track, ‘Nostrum‘, is a solid Meshuggah track, I do really have to wonder what was the fucking point of this lyric video being a 360 VR clip? Like, seriously, why?!

The lyrics don’t track your movements and the lyrics remain stationary the whole damn time. So all you’ve got to look at is the dark but somewhat uninteresting artwork that “surrounds” the viewer in the clip. The only thing that moves in the lyric video is the metal tethers/snakes in the background. Plus, the lyrical phrasing and vocal delivery is just never fast enough to warrant you having to find or “chase” the lyrics, which just sounds like a lot more work than is arguably necessary.

If you want, you can just do what I did and stare the stone cold still mug of the individual of the album’s cover while I banged my head.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.12.44 am

Ah, such a scenic view.

I’ve seen some people argue online that this idea alone was cool and worthy of praise but – and this may be a shocking revelation to some – shouldn’t an idea be good and actually well-fleshed out for it be praise-worthy? YES! YES, IT FUCKING SHOULD BE!

Anyway, ‘Nostrum‘ is a great song nonetheless and the guitar solo about halfway through was just exquisite.

Meshuggah’s upcoming album is ‘The Violent Sleep Of Reason‘ and it’ll crush your ears come October 7th via Nuclear Blast Records. You can also check out ‘Born In Dissonance‘ here, which has a perfectly fine and normal thumbnail for you to look at while you stream it. (Man, that was really passive aggressive, wasn’t it?)

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