Gravemind Release New Song, ‘The Death Of Teyolia’

Melbourne metal six-piece, Gravemind, have a new song that they’d like to share with you all today. Through the conduit that is, we’re happy to present you with their new single – ‘The Death Of Teyolia‘.

Now, at first I thought that Teyolia may be a reference to a planet system in Mass Effect 3, but no alas, no cigar. (#morevideogamereferencesinmetalplease). Then I thought it could regard an entity of our anatomy that’s physically located within the heart that’s the source of our knowledge, memory, will, emotions – according to the Aztecs and other Mexico and Central America indigenous groups. Well, considering the visuals of the comic book lyric video the band’s released, telling the story of an Aztec woman named Teyolia having her lover killed by enemy tribesmen and seeking her revenge, I’m gonna go with that last one.

Oh yeah, the band has a comic book-styled lyric video to accompany this new song!

This single, comic book and lyric video are simply separate pieces of the larger vision that Gravemind is trying to weave through their music. Vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parsons wrote the comic book, with one Ren Tu as the colourist and the book was inked by Shen Lim. The lyric video itself was done by Scott Rudd, (a man famed for metal lyric videos) who suitably adapted the video’s images from the comic.

Honestly, I think this is was a killer idea! Because instead of just having a generic lyric video of bloodstained lyrics that all shake like Michael J. Fox is holding them up (which this clip most certainly has, to be fair), Gravemind has taken an extra step further to produce something more creative. You know, the thing that makes your band and your art stand out amongst the crowd? The way that the vocals are delivered as a dialogue between the characters was a really nice touch, and with the lyrics being backed up the video’s narrative and visuals, the song’s instrumentation and vocals carry that much more weight because of it.

Now, this is just the first taste of Gravemind’s next release and it’s a somewhat new direction in terms of their lyrics and approach to storytelling with their music. Sure, this is nothing new for metal music – especially not deathcore – but as for this band and their sound, it’s a step forward. ‘The Death of Teyolia‘ will be officially released on Friday, September 30th on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp & the accompanying comic book will be released in the near future.

But before then, take a look at Teyolia’s tale of brutality and revenge below…

You can find Gravemind’s previous exercise in sonic brutality, ‘The Hateful One’, right  here, as well as their upcoming tour dates with I Shall Devour & To The Grave below. (That fucking poster, though). 

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