Stepson & Staunch Join The Invasion Fest Lineup

You’ve got Sentinel playing their final show, some damn fine local talents like Hindsight & Iconoclast, and now you’ve got the boys in Stepson bringing the intense, melodic punk/hardcore feels, and Staunch bringing the harsh hardcore vibes.

Man, the rest of the Invasion Fest lineup has a lot to live up to, and something tells me it will!

Also, the fact that Invasion’s latest two additions are currently on the Snake Or Die tour right now with Melbourne’s Dregg, who are also playing Invasion, means that this gig should be an utter time and a half.

Invasion Fest goes down on Saturday, December 10th at Melbourne’s Arrow On Swanson. All further details and info for the event can be found here. Check out Stepson’s latest single, ‘Never Mind Me‘, and Staunch’s ‘Hurt To Learn‘ below. Hopefully, by the time the show rolls around, Stepson will have a new release out that we can all gush over…

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