The Devil Wears Prada Announce New Record, ‘Transit Blues’

Once the exemplification of the most generic metalcore around, The Devil Wears Prada have really come into their own over the past six or so years and become a real staple of the genre. It started out with the famed ‘Zombie‘ EP, but they really hit their own stride with their seminal release, 2011’s ‘Dead Throne.

But while their rather solid ‘Space‘ EP is still pretty fresh in our minds, the band are once again launching into another full-length release; ‘Transit Blues‘, which will be out October 7th via Rise Records. If their most recent single, ‘Daughter‘, is anything to go on then this new album should absolutely slay!

Make sure you stream ‘Daughter‘ below, it’s easily one of the better songs the band has to their name. Also, take note of how in the chorus it sounds like vocalist Mike Hranica screams “Over a lifetime I never loved her: my turtle, my turtle” for a good laugh or two. (Note: the actual lyrics are “Over a lifetime I never loved her: my daughter, my daughter“).

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