Diamond Construct Drop ‘The Complex Thought’ Clip

Earlier tonight Taree’s heaviest musical export, Diamond Construct, released their newest music video, ‘The Complex Thought‘.

The Complex Thought‘ is the fifth and one of the better tracks overall from the group’s killer new EP, ‘Event Horizon‘, which was a released a couple weeks back. It’s pretty fucking good if you ask me.

But anyway, the video was filmed, edited, and produced by Mitchell Harley, directed by DC vocalist Kynan Groundwater and the band’s producer/engineer, Jono Peters, and stars Philip Bottenberg. In the clip, Bottenberg seems to be going for a lovely stroll through the woods, enjoying the sights and sounds nature, only to eventually freak out, break out into a run and hunker down in a cabin for the night. (You know, as you do). Throw in some hectic facial expressions from CJ McMahon for his feature parts and you’ve got a decent film clip on your hands.

I actually spoke with McMahon a little while back when the music video was first being filmed over in NSW. He said that “It’s not just a money thing, I’ve gotta enjoy the music, and this band is doing some ridiculous things! Maybe even a little too ridiculous for their age”.

Amen, mate!

But don’t just take mine or McMahon’s word on how tight this band is, go check out the new clip below and if for whatever reason you missed their debut music video, ‘Feel The Sun‘, then go check it out here and educate yourself.

Pick up a copy of ‘Event Horizonhere

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