Watch: The New Music Video From Foxblood, ‘No Heroes’

Following on from their superb debut music video, ‘Die Young‘, is excited to present you with the killer new tune from Melbourne’s Foxblood  No Heroes‘.

The track itself comes from their forthcoming debut record, ‘The Devil, The Dark & The Raina release date for which is yet to be locked in. But for now, much like the band’s first single, this new song once again shows the band putting their best foot forward with a high-quality post-hardcore sound.

The accompanying dark, moody music video – found at the bottom of this article – appears to carry forward the narrative detailed in ‘Die Young‘ (directed by the always talented Ed Reiss). Or at least, showing the aftermath of that story and those events? I say that because the masked ‘devil’ character appears once again, as does the masked female protagonist from ‘Die Young‘. I mean, it could simply be a lack of props and actors, or there could very well be a continual narrative thread here? Yeah… I’m going with the latter.

Now, if you’ll humour me for a minute or two, I’d like to go on a tangent. That cool? Yeah? cheers.

The last song released by now defunct and sorely underrated Melbourne metalcore outfit, Glorified, was the kickass ‘Set Me Alight‘. After that song’s release, a debut album was apparently on the way but…nothing ever came to fruition. A final show for the band eventually came and went and that was that. I was guttered.

Now, when I saw the first saw ‘Die Young‘, I simply saw Foxblood as a brand new band on the block (which to be fair, they are). But not once when listening to that first song did I pick up on whom I was actually listening to. When I was sent ‘No Heroes‘ for this post (once more, you can find it below, past all of my giddy ramblings), something suddenly clicked. Last year, Glorified supported Prepared Like A Bride on their final run and the Melbourne band played new, unreleased material during that tour. Which also included a track called – you guessed it – ‘No Heroes‘. All at once, I suddenly realized that I’d heard this song before, or at least, an earlier, alternate version of it.

Holy. Shit. 

The lightbulb above my head lit up and exploded in excitement; this was Glori-goddamn-fied, just under a new moniker. I mean, it’s right there on their damn Facebook pages! Glorified’s members were; Chris Millward, Tom Beale, Brett Powell, Steven Powell, & Aaron Beale. Whereas Foxblood’s members are; Chris Millward, Tom Beale, Brett Powell, Steven Powell, & Aaron Beale.

Of course, this is painfully obvious to the band, their close friends, families and a handful of local punters who are “in” with the members but aside from seeing Glorified live, the only other interaction I’ve ever had with the band was an interview with them last July. So this was a big fucking revelation to me! I’m sure many are shouting at their screens right now, saying ‘DUH!’, but hey, let me have my fun!

I remember when Hysteria Mag first premiered the band’s debut track and there was no mention of their past band in the write-up. So I suppose that Foxblood wants to have this new chapter, this new outlook in their musical journey the only card on the table now. But you can’t silence me, lads – I never forget!

Okay… rant over. If like me you deeply miss Glorified, then check out Foxblood’s No Heroes‘ below. As while it may not be as heavy as Glorified, these guys certainly haven’t lost any of their skillful songwriting or musical talent during the brand switcheroo.

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