Captives Release New Single, Announce Tour Dates

Tasmanian/Melbourne noisemakers, Captives, have released their newest single, ‘Vines‘ (originally premiered through Blunt Mag) and it has easily one of the funniest film clips I’ve seen in a long while.

Now, I usually gloss over the usual “PR speak” and the buzz words that are used in media releases, but for real, not only is ‘Vines‘ a solid tune, the video is genuinely funny and amusing. In fact, if it wasn’t for the film clip, I may not like the song as much as I do.

As for the “plot” here, it follows the apparently dubbed Punk T-Rex having one truly fucking bad day; one that only gets worse as it goes on. But after a very long day, he/she/it eventually finds solace in the beauty of live music, as well as a few drugs (remember to party responsibly, kiddies).

Apparently, the band shot all of the footage here in just a couple of hours. If this is what the punk rock outfit and their mates can cook up in just a few hours, then I am both curious and terrified of the sheer heights and depravity they could create if they put a few days into a single shoot!

Also, this music video has reminded me that I haven’t played Goldeneye, and a Nintendo 64 for that matter, in almost 11 bloody years. Still, that was one of the best first-person-shooters ever made, hands down.

Also also. I’m severely disappointed in not seeing any actual footage of the ‘Jurrasic Fark’ XXX parody that was briefly shown in this clip. 0/10 worst video ever! (Please note the sarcasm there). Check out the clip below, you’ll sorely regret it if you don’t!

Vines‘ will be released for purchase through iTunes on August 5th through Inertia Distribution. The band will also be figuratively hitting the road this September for a national run with The Stiffys. Dates below, peeps.

Captives 2016 Tour

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