Crossfaith Drop Surprise EP

Japan’s Crossfaith recently dropped a new EP, titled new ‘New Age Warriors‘, from right out of the blue. Why? Well, why not!?

Out now via UNFD, this suddenly released EP follows up last year’s so-so album, ‘Xeno‘ and it’s basically more Crossfatih for y’all. No way the fans aren’t gonna lap this one up. Only three new song’s feature on this new release (hey, it is an EP after all) and the track listing is as followed:

1. Rx Overdrive
2. Kill ‘Em All
3. Revolution

Coinciding with the EP’s release, the band dropped a stylish, found-footage-like music video for ‘RX Overdrive‘, which you can find below.

Now it might just be me, but the visuals of this film clip are somewhat similar to the imagery found in Gojira’s film clip for ‘Silvera‘ (namely all of those poor bastards being drawn up into the sky). Well, except for the giant, spherical objects floating in the sky that look like they’ve been taken right out of the fuck-awfulness that was year one of Destiny. #neverforget.

You can buy/stream/worship the new EP right here.

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