Nails Going On Hiatus? We Certainly Hope Not! [Updated]

If a recent article posted by Metal Hammer is to be believed, then it appears that the almighty Nails are going on a very sudden hiatus.

Now, there has been no actual confirmation by Nails if this article it true as of yet, apart from Metal Hammer saying that it is the case. So, is this just MH stirring the shit or who have they just made an honest mistake somewhere? Or is it indeed the case that one of the better hardcore/power-violence bands of recent years is stepping away from the stage for a bit?

Well, who fuckin’ knows at this point.

I will, of course, update this post if any more info comes to light. But for now, when checking out the band’s Facebook page, there aren’t any new updates or news on this supposed break but there a metric butt load of comments from fans asking just what the hell is going on!


In a recent post from fellow Aussie site, I Probably Hate Your Band, U.K. promoters have apparently revealed that the band has cancelled all European dates, with IPHYB embedding a photo of such confirmation from London venue, The Underworld Camden. However, when you scroll back through

However, when you scroll back through The Underworld Camden’s Facebook page, that particular post about Nails isn’t anywhere to be found. Unless my eyes deceive me or it’s since been deleted or hidden, this only adds more speculation about what’s going on in the Nails camp. Likewise, some venues, The Fleece, have simply shared the original Metal Hammer post, which has only the word of an unnamed Nuclear Blast Records representative to go on about this hiatus.

But hey, maybe all of this is just to hype up for another tour or a new single or something?

Well, whatever the case may be, Nails latest offering to date was the killer album, ‘You Will Never Be One Of Us‘. Have a geez at one of the album’s best songs, ‘Savage Intolerance‘, in the possibility of the band’s actual hiatus. If not, and it turns out that the band is all good, well it’s just nice to give this banger another spin.

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