Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow Features On New Single From Alternative Medicine

Here’s something that I, or most other people for that matter, didn’t see coming: Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow has featured on the new single from Tokyo outfit, Alternative Medicine.

If you don’t know who Alternative Medicine (pictured above) are, then fair call! If you do, well done. You now have ultimate Internet cred. Congrats.

Basically, this Japanese trio is a very, very commercial pop-punk/pop-rock band and honestly, I would’ve thought that Swanky Dank (yes, that is a truly god awful name) would have been a more prime choice for a Western singer to collaborate with. Considering that they’re the Japanse version of All Time Low, in both their homeland success and their actual sound. But hey, that’s just me.

Now, I have absolutely no fucking clue how this collaboration between the UK frontman and AM initially came about. But whatever the reason and finer details of it, the song’s kinda cool and if you’re into Neck Deep, you could really get into this. Or you could just have a good laugh. Either way, check it out below.

Get ready to use Google Translate.

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