Parkway Drive Announce ‘Ire’ Deluxe Edition, Release New Song

Considering the success of ‘Ire‘, it probably comes as no surprise that a deluxe edition of Parkway Drive’s latest and greatest is on the way. At least, it’ll come with some new tunes.

Alongside the original 11 tracks from ‘Ire‘, three new songs will be included with the new bundle; ‘Devil’s Calling‘ (which is streaming now) ‘Into The Dark‘, and a new mix of ‘A Deathless Song‘ which will feature Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall. Which will be…interesting to say the least.

The name for ‘A Deathless Song‘ comes from the F. Scott Fitzgerald book, The Great Gatsby, with this line in chapter five from protagonist Nick Carraway, “…that voice was a deathless song”. The song was actually written for Winston McCall’s wife, which is rather fitting, except unlike Disy and Gatsby, they ended up together and one of them didn’t get fucking shot. Huh, the more you know.

Speaking about the inclusion of the Tonight Alive singer, McCall said this in a recent press release:

“I’ve had massive respect for Jenna ever since Tonight Alive appeared on the music scene. Not only does she have an amazing voice but she uses her presence in the world in an incredibly inspiring and positive way. A Deathless song was originally written as a duet, hence the repeating chorus but with time constraints in the studio we never had a chance to fully explore it, which is why we chose this path. The collaboration aspect was amazing. She worked so well with the material and concept of the song in creating a vibe that breathed life into our original vision and for that we couldn’t be more thankful.”

After listening to the track a couple times, I can definitely see how the pop/rock singer could fit into Parkway’s sound and vibe for the track. Although, it would be cool to see her sing/scream along to ‘Dying To Believe‘. Just sayin’.

Anywho, as for the currently released song, much like ‘Fractures‘ and ‘Vice Grip‘, ‘Devil’s Calling‘ is a massive, fist-pumping anthem that definitely falls on the lighter side of the band’s sound as of late. Check out ‘Devil’s Calling‘ right here through Team Rock. Also, a music video for the song is due out this Friday, July 15th, alongside the release of the new album package.

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