Bring Me The Horizon Release ‘Avalanche’ Music Video

Bring Me The Horizon hit the world today with a… ‘Avalanche‘. Don’t worry, I’ll let myself out.

2015’s ‘That’s The Spirit‘ received all kinds of reviews, from hate, love and everything in between for either being too soft, too bland or too damn perfect. Their latest single and video to drop is the clip for ‘Avalanche’ and it really showcases their energy and their live atmosphere (even though none of the audio used has been taken live, but whatevs).

“I think some bands at this age, when you get into fifth album and stuff as well, are still trying to sing about the same things and stuff to make the kids happy that used to listen to them. But if it’s not true to what you are, it’s not where you’re at in life, it’s gonna look transparent. I think that’s why we’ve managed to carry on as a band, because we’ve always evolved and we’ve always made music that we still really, really love. It’s not music that we used to love”, said Oli Sykes of the band’s sound to The Pulse of Radio.

That’s the Spirit‘ got all the way to No.2 on the Billboard charts, and this single follows the last five(!) singles to be released, ‘Drown’, ‘True Friends’, ‘Follow You’, ‘Happy Song” and ‘Throne’. Who says that you don’t need an album full of singles these days?

Make sure to catch them on their Australian tour this September with killer support Architects and ’68. Grab tickets here if ya want.

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