The Color Morale Break Down The Walls. Kinda. Not Really.

Hey there, do you wanna hear the new song from The Color Morale? Course ya do!

The post-hardcore outfit’s new album, ‘Desolate Divine’, is set to launch on August 19th via Fearless Records. The new single, ‘Walls’, is a slow builder, combining elements of rock, metal, and pop (which is kinda the usual for the band at this point). If that’s your jam, then stream the song below.

The band’s singer, Garret Rapp, had this to say about the themes and mindset behind the album.

“Over the years of being an artist, I’ve experienced some of the greatest reward and greatest loss in life. Desolate Divine was written in an honest and vulnerable state of self-realization that I am in a currently isolated detriment. These songs are a collection of memories and truths of experiences that have led me to a state of unaccompanied strife I no longer want to carry. They are stories of damage taken and damage given the same. The only way to abandon this state of lifestyle is to convict myself, share it, and destroy it.”

The track listing forDesolate Divine’ can be found below.  

  1. Lonesome Soul
  2. Clip Paper Wings
  3. Walls
  4. Trail Of Blood
  5. Version Of Me
  6. Home Bittersweet Home
  7. Misery Hates Company
  8. Perfect Strangers
  9. Broken Vessel
  10. Fauxtographic Memory
  11. Keep Me In My Body

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