Every Time I Die Drop ‘The Coin Has A Say’

Every Time I Die are back on the proverbial airwaves with their new ripper, ‘The Coin Has A Say‘.

Musically, this song is just business as usual for Kieth Buckley and co. but honestly, that’s a-okay with me as Every Time I Die rarely do any wrong. And if this song is anything what their new album, ‘Low Teens‘, will be sound like then some fun times are ahead. What will be the band’s eighth studio is set to drop on September 23rd through Epitaph Records.

The rambunctious dudes released this new song earlier this morning – through Rolling Stone – and for us Aussies, that may make for a good wake-up present for the fans out here. Upon the release, the band said the following:

“This first release from our new album, Low Teens, is our coin flip from which all other possibilities arise. The only thing we can do now is put it into the air and hope “Metallica gets mad at us” is not one of those possibilities.”

When speaking with Rolling Stone, the band also commented on the “bootleg” quality footage used in the clip (grainy filter and all) and honestly, it works for the song, I think.

“If we were going to do a live video in a small club setting it was going to be like the ones we grew up watching, the ones that made us fall in love with hardcore in the first place: blurry and blown-out footage you copied from a friend who copied it from a friend who copied it from a friend that is being regularly interrupted by clips of your family at Cedar Point because that was the footage you ‘accidentally’ taped over. Watching a bootleg was like looking out a window at a strange world. We wanted you to have that feeling back.”

Check out the music video for the new jam below (note: it’s pretty good).

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