[Feature] Crowned Kings: “2017 will see Crowned Kings release another album”

Last night Melbourne hardcore crew, Crowned Kings, announced that they’ve welcomed two new members into their folds.

As of now, guitarist Adrian Morris has left the band and will be replaced by Jason Rowe of Capital Enemy. Likewise, the band’s new full-time bassist is Evan McLellan from both Cold Ground and Ganbaru. The announcement came last night over Facebook with the following post:

“We are proud to welcome in the two newest members to the Crowned Kings family Evan on bass and Jason on guitar. Both have been great friends of ours and also Carlos for many years so we are thrilled to have both of them on board as full time members. With years of playing experience their skills will be a great help with bringing CK back to its very best and beyond.

We would also like to thank Adrian Morris for all his hard work and dedication over the years. You will always be a part of CK and we wish you the best in all your future music endeavours.”

So. Following on from this new line-up announcement, we caught up with guitarist Paul “Bosty” Bost to talk about everything Crowned Kings related and how they’ll be moving forward from here on in. And you can find said chat just below.

Would I be right in saying that these line-up changes stem from the tragic death of Carlos last year, as well as yourself now playing in Rust Proof?

Crowned Kings have come to a point where going forward with the band means we have to become a five piece again to achieve our full sound. We were a four piece just for the interim as we had a European tour organised and it seemed a fitting way we could pay our respects to Carlos. From then we needed to find the right people to become a part of the band. They not only had to have the skills required but had to connect with the music, the message and also our friendship. We have also had our second guitarist, Mozza, who also filled in on bass, leave the band due to other personal endeavours. So that left CK with just me, Makka [vocals] and Jack [drums] to find the most fitting people for the job. By all means, this had nothing to do what so ever with me playing bass for Rust Proof.  

With these line-up changes, how much do you think that the two new members will affect the band’s sound and musical direction? Can listeners expect more of the same or perhaps something even heavier from you guys?

Good question. Both have great resumes of years of dedication and assortment of bands and genres. Even though it’s early days being a part of CK I’m sure they will be extremely helpful in shaping the future sound for CK. What people can expect for upcoming releases will totally be a more evolved sound. I’ve taken a lot of my older roots growing up on late 80’s and early 90’s metal and tried to incorporate that to my songwriting. Everything is very chorus driven and will hopefully engage people in anthems then deliver them back down into crushing riffs and slamming pit parts. Both Makka and Jack have learnt a lot along the way so everything will be bigger, better and heavier.

Now, how has the band been mentally and emotionally ever since Carlos’s passing? 

It’s been a real struggle having lost not only a bass player but someone who has been through thick and thin not only in the band but in our life. Carlos was truly everyone’s best friend and someone to admire. He was looked upon not just as a friend but as a brother. His commitment to his music was something to aspire to and his dedication to the band was nothing short of inspirational. His loss especially the way it happened came as a total shock to us and it was one of the darkest days anyone that was close to him had to go through. It’s been something that we’ve really battled with since happening but have taken his memory and dedication to his friends and music as a testament to who he was. Also, we’ve strived to take his loss day by day by moving forward to honour his name. All he ever wanted was to make his friends happy and to travel the world playing music he loved. So it would bring shame to his dreams to not achieve his goals as well as our own.  

Well said, mate. Now, I assume that CK has some new music in the works, yes?

You’re totally on the money with that one. As soon as Forked Road released I’ve been busy working on new tracks weekly. I’ve written around 15 songs so far and plan on doing a lot more so we have a good variety of tracks to really make this album the best CK has done so far. Both Makka and Jack have been a great support and help in my writing process. Once I give them the “skeleton” which is guitar tracks with the click they take it away and do their thing. They add their flavours to the tracks then we bring it back together and evolve our ideas it into the song.  

Will Crowned Kings be touring nationally this year, and are there any plans for heading back overseas anytime soon? 

We do have overseas plans for October again through Europe, but haven’t worked out any finer details I can elaborate on as of yet. We are playing a heap of Melbourne stuff before we head back overseas and once we are back we have a couple of interstate trips in mind so not a full Australian tour but more of a weekend run.

Also, how was the tour with Sick Of It All earlier this year? As I know that you guys have supported them in the past?

CK was lucky enough to support Sick Of It All in September last year at the Corner hotel. It was a great experience for us having the privilege to play alongside our idols and also to hang with them during the night. It was because of this we were able to start a friendship with them and be invited to tour EU on their 30th year anniversary tour.

The tour was amazing. Every night was a party playing to sold out venues not only with SOIA but our new brothers, Broken Teeth. The energy that SOIA give to the crowd night after night is just insane. Which goes to show 30 years strong is a truly amazing achievement. They were the best group of guys to be around. From their professionalism to how approachable they are about any scenario or questioned asked of them. They are truly a band to look up to and to model oneself on. We also got to meet all the crew from MAD tour bookings who represent us throughout EU and UK, who are the most real down to earth people when it comes to booking bands and supporting international artists. Plus, we also got to meet up in person with our record Label Demons Run Amok and the crew at Core Tex.

How has playing bass with Rust Proof been for you? Has it been tough juggling two bands? I imagine that new RP material is coming along as well? 

Rust Proof have been a great band to be a part of so far. For me to play bass for them was only to extend my knowledge of songs that I already love and put them to notes on a bass. I’ve been long time friends with all the guys in some way over the years of bands so to finally be a part of a band with them was an easy transition.

Being in two bands might seem to be a challenge looking from the outside in but my role in Rust Proof isn’t as demanding as my role in CK. I do however assist Choppaz and Penski in ideas and structure if needed. All the new material coming into Rust Proof at the moment is going really well. Choppaz has been writing some spicy southern style face melting chug so I’m keen to see how it all comes out on their next release.

Finally, what else is on the table for 2016 and 2017 for the band? 

Well, 2016 is pretty much sorted already but 2017 will see Crowned Kings release another album and also travel back over to EU a few more time at least. I’m sure there will be other crazy stuff in the mix as well so I’m really locking forward to the future. As for Rust Proof, I know they have plans on going to South America to support their latest split with Worst, which will be great for the band. I’m also pretty sure by the end of 2017 they will also be ready to hit the studio on another full length.

Both recent albums from the bands, Rust Proof’sCivil Treason‘ and Crowned KingsForked Road’ respectively, are out now through 10-54 Records.

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