Make Them Suffer Release ‘Ether’

If you’re an avid listener of Triple J’s The Racket, then you may have heard the new Make Them Suffer track yesterday. If you didn’t, don’t stress, as the new single is streaming now!

Much like some of the material from the group’s last album, ‘Old Souls‘,’Ether‘ shows a far stronger emphasis on the keys and clean vocals of Louisa Burton in their music. The band has always had strong symphonic and melodic moments to their brand of deathcore/death metal, but this new song shows a far more balanced sound, I think.

However, it has gotten some flak from a few listeners for being too melodic and for arguably not being as heavy as their older material (i.e. ‘Widower‘ and ‘Fake‘, among others). Granted, it’s still pretty heavy. Some commenters allude to this sound “change” because the band is a part of the Rise Records roster. Y’know, trying  to get in on that commercial sound and what not. The sextet dispelled that rumour, saying:

“To clear it up – we are signed to Roadrunner for Australia and Rise for everywhere else. No one has any say in our music bar the members of MTS”

Right on, as it should be!

Now, I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say that this probably isn’t a stand along single and that there’s a new album on it’s way. Anyway, suss out ‘Ether‘ below.

Catch the Perth dudes and dudette supporting Parkway Drive on their current regional tour. Deets below.


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