Prophets of Rage Are Here To Shut You Down

After bursting into the music world, and after their first live show, Tom Morello has announced Prophets of Rage will be recording new music and releasing it prior to the election campaign shows.

In a recent interview, Morello stated that they’re cooking something up.

“It definitely won’t be a full-length album, but we’ve got some… While the tour will be exploring, deeply, the catalogues of Rage, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, we’ve got a new song or two that we want to record before we go out on the road.”

Donald Trump, perhaps unknowingly, has received an unrequested song dedicated to him by the name of ‘The Party Is Over’, and another rap-rock track titled ‘Shut Em Down’. A version of this track can be heard below and please save your excitement for the comment section.

Although they said they won’t be releasing a full-length album, I can only hope that there may be one down the road. Could you imagine what fully engineered, produced and polished songs would sound like from this group? It definitely has the anger from Rage Against The Machine, as Morello states “The cold embers of Rage Against the Machine are now the burning fire of Prophets of Rage”.

The band has also announced a North American tour for later this year, so it seems that the cogs are really in motion for these guys.

Finally, in the words of Neil Young, “Fuck You Donald Trump” Prophets of Rage are here to shut you down!

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