Billy Talent Want To Kick Rock Music In The Ass, Almost Succeed

Billy Talent have been around for a long time now, 17 years in fact. In that time, they would have seen a lot of trends and bands come and go. As their latest song suggests, they want to ensure good ol’ fashion rock music survives.

Louder Than The DJ‘, now the second single to come off their upcoming album, ‘Afraid Of Heights‘, states that the rock n’ roll landscape needs a good shot of adrenaline to remain relevant in 2016. There is something to be said about the fact that this is just a standard rock song and nothing much deeper, but it’s a solid tune nonetheless. Of course, the song’s theme is a little bit cheesy and overdone these days, but the music video more than makes up for it, I think. Mainly because I’m a sucker for record stores and that vinyl and record collectors will probably get a great kick out of all the album covers shown off in the film clip (found below).

Afraid Of Heights‘, whose titular track is insanely catchy, is their fifth record to date (Jesus, times flies), and it will land in digital and physical stores next month on July 29th.

Now, for those of you unaware, ol’ Billy will be returning to Australian shores since Soundwave Festival 2013 (Ahhhh, Soundwave…), and you can snag tickets for those shows here. Check the dates out below!

Thursday 11 August- 7:30 pm
Max Watt’s Brisbane, West End QLD(18+)

Saturday 13 August- 7:00 pm
The Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW (AA/Lic)

Sunday 14 August- 7:30 pm
170 Russell, Melbourne VIC (18+)

Tuesday 16 August- 7:30 pm
Fowlers Live, Adelaide SA (AA/Lic)

Wednesday 17 August- 7:30 pm
Capitol, Perth WA (18+)

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