Prophets Of Rage: “Make America Rage Again”

When a musical super group emerges, many expect a world of things to come. This is no different for Prophets of Rage.

Prophets Of Rage is Rage’s Tom Morello (guitar), Tim Commerford (bass), Brad Wilk (drums), Cypress Hill’s B-Real (vocals), as well as Chuck D ( vocals) and DJ Lord from Public Enemy. So, while this isn’t quite the full Rage Against The Machine reunion many hoped for, it’s the next best thing.

The band intends to create a similar ruckus to the 2008 RATM reunion, which saw over one hundred people arrested just days before the Republican National Convention took place in the Minnesota city. Morello said, “Well there’s a thing called the Republican National Convention in July and that will be a perfect place for a band like Prophets of Rage to cause a ruckus”.

God, I can already see the headlines on Fox News now about this.

Although they are advertising their aim to protest the RNC, they aren’t disclosing any particular venues. Because as the band says, “This is the kind of thing you don’t broadcast to the local authorities prior to arrival”. In a rather Donald Trump type answer, the guitarist said that ‘Anything’s possible” when asked if they might invade the Democratic National Convention next month in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“The songs that we’ve been writing about for decades attack the system, not the individual candidates”, said Morello. Sure, this band’s just a new moniker with interchangeable members, showcasing classic riffs and songs, with the same messages, but it’s all aimed at new targets this time.

So far the band has played two live shows, and will be playing their third show together today (in New York) so who knows, this may not be a one-off thing…

Watch below to see what Prophets of Rage are all about, and just pray for some form of Australian appearance in the future (even though they probably won’t).

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