Silent Planet battle schizophrenia in ‘Psychescape’

After releasing one of the most harrowing music videos of the year, Silent Planet have followed it up with their new single, ‘Psychescape‘.

Much like their last song/film clip ‘Panic Room, which dealt with PTSD (seriously, watch that clip if you haven’t already!), Psychescape‘ is about an individual battling against with another form of mental illness; schizophrenia. It’s pretty full on and the band really drive this theme home with their lyrics.

This new track also features Underoath’s and Sleepwave’s mightiest pair of lungs, Spencer Chamberlain, providing a great guest spot on the song. His voice mixes really well with Silent Planet’s vocalist, Garrett Russell. Man, a Silent Planet/Underoath tour would be sick.

Finally, on July 1st, the band’s second record, ‘Everything Was Sound‘, will drop through Solid State Records, and if these two recent songs are anything to go by, it’ll be damn solid. Check out ‘Psychescape‘ below.

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