The Ghost Inside vocalist suffers unfortunate setback

The road to recovery, just like the road to success, is paved with a lot of hardship. We have marvelled at the mental and physical approach the members of The Ghost Inside have adopted in their rehabilitation from serious injuries suffered in last November’s bus crash. However, as is also common with major injuries, there have been setbacks. reported earlier this month that vocalist Jonathan Vigil had thankfully beat a bone infection. “The blood work says that the bone infection has cleared and it’s time for the next chapter,” Vigil said at the time.

Unfortunately, posting via Instagram this week, the musician now observed he is facing another setback, with one of the screws in his ankle coming loose, and breaking through the skin.

“One of the screws in my ankle came out and broke through the skin last night. I didn’t even know that was something that could happen. I had it removed today and go in for surgery tomorrow to replace all the current hardware in there so I don’t get another bone infection. It delays my recovery longer which means I’m further away from walking on my own. It’s irritating, it’s disheartening and it’s defeating BUT in the words of a very wise man… “There’s no set back that can set me back,” Vigil writes.

Here’s hoping this is the end of the singer’s (and band’s) bad luck.

GoFundMe campaign is still set-up to help the band members with associated medical costs.

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