Ice Nine Kills channel Stephen King for ‘Hell In The Hallways’

Ice Nine Kills love their horror movies and literature, with their lyrics and previous videos reflecting this fact. However, they’ve outdone themselves with ‘Hell In The Hallways‘.

Taken from ‘Every Trick In The Book‘, released late last year through Fearless Records, ‘Hell In The Hallways‘ was the closing track off the album, and is one of the best examples of INK’s tight metalcore/post-hardcore sound. The Boston band’s videos have always been a great watch – namely ‘The People Under The Stairs‘ and ‘The Fastest Way To A Girl’s Heart Is Through Her Ribcage‘ – and this new one is no exception.

With the video’s painfully obvious play-by-play of the movie Carrie, and its undercurrent message of not bullying people and instead just being a decent human being, the story is a continuation of the family from their last clip, ‘Communion of the Cursed‘ – a take-off of The Exorcist. On top of that, there are a couple of Stephen King references to be found here as well. Apart from the girl in this clip being called Carrie White, it is set in the year 1976, the same year that the original Carrie film was released. Also, the last name of the douchebag jock is Torrance, as in Danny Torrance, the protagonist in The Shining. We’re sure there may be a couple more references hidden in there somewhere, we just can’t pick ’em.

Check the video out below, and if their record flew under your radar, stream the album in-full here.

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