Oh dear, Prepared Like A Bride’s crowd funding page has been taken down…

Following some pretty hefty backlash from the local music scene, Prepared Like A Bride have cancelled their crowd funding campaign, which was created to help fund their July tour.

Earlier this evening, the band (made up of singer Ryan Bowles and drummer Jonny) made the following statement – via Facebook – about the cancellation, saying that they stand by the platform of crowdfunding, and issued an apology to anyone they may have offended (somehow) through this now very brief process.

“We’d like to make a public apology, to everyone we hurt in the process of trying to do what we felt was a good idea. We never meant to cause offence and we definitely did not expect our day to turn out like it did yesterday.

We stand by the idea of crowd funding tours as that’s exactly how tours are run every day via ‘presales’. If you’re in a band and utilise this tool of selling tickets via crowd funding you will confidently be able to guarantee people at your shows in advance without risking it and losing out over and over again, which is all too common for many bands unfortunately.

Many positive and negative things were said about the idea, us corporately and about us personally. We’ve chosen only to take on the good, you have a choice in life of who to listen to and we choose to listen to our friends and family.

Thanks to everyone who supported this project and also to those who didn’t we love you all equally nonetheless.
Ryan & Jonny”

To the original story… when PLAB announced they would return in July for a four-month tour yesterday, with a campaign goal of $4K, A LOT of online criticism was levelled at the band and its members, for what some have described as a “cash grab”. Former band member, Connor Grant said the following about the move online:


Well then… that’s a bit of a shame. All in all, this was a bit of a mess, wasn’t it?

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