This Is Hell suddenly drop surprise album, is awesome

Oh, This Is Hell, you cheeky bastards, you. You thought that no one would notice you guys dropped a surprise album today? Well, too bad, we all know now.

Bastards Still Remain‘ is the name of this new, and rather sudden, release. You can stream it below and you really, really should. This is actually the band’s first release since 2013’s EP, ‘The Enforcer‘, and 2011’s killer record, ‘Black Mass‘. It was recorded to coincide with the release of their debut full-length, ‘Sundowning‘. Man, ‘The Polygraph Cheaters‘ went hard.

The album features the line-up of vocalist Travis Reiley, bassist John Moore, guitarist Rick Ramirez, and original (and current Stray From The Path/Afterparty) drummer Dan Bourke. The new record is a short burst of the band’s usual metallic hardcore sound and is about 15 minutes long (Nails would be proud).

Also, for just $5USD (or $6.80 Australian), that is a real steal!

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