Architects release third in-studio diary

As May 27th, and the subsequent release of the Architects new record, draws closer and closer, the lads are keeping the hype up with a third in-studio update.

The first minute or so of the latest entry shows off a yet to be released song from the new record called ‘Gravity‘, and it’s as good as you think it is. Make sure you check out the short video – filmed by Tom Welsh – below.

These in the studio sessions are also providing a pretty good insight into the band’s mental state, as they talk about going forward as a group, taking in all of the recent success and the pressures of trying to top predecessor, ‘Lost Forever/Lost Together‘. Honest stuff, really.

Subsequently, the prior entry can be viewed here, if you missed it. You can also pre-order ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us‘ here.

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