And now for something completely different from DVSR…

Sydney’s DVSR uploaded a video to social media last night, showing off some new material, and all we can say is that those are some sick lines and some pretty phat beats…

Now, while it is just a brief clip, this song may just be an intro track or a mid-album/EP song to help break up those awesome riffs and breakdowns, ooooooorrrrrr it could be the band’s next dive into the hip-hop genre, which sees the group do away with the metal element to their sound entirely (like their diss track, ‘#MLBRN‘).

Until we get a full release, you can check out the cheeky little tease below.

Of course, if this side to the metal outfit isn’t quite your cup of tea, you can’t pass up the pure fire they usually release. Like ‘Shutdown…‘.

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