The Ghost Inside guitarist appears on The Jasta Show

The Ghost Inside guitarist Zach Johnson, like the rest of his band mates, continues to recover from injuries sustained in last year’s bus crash. And, again, like his friends, the musician is adopting a positive mindset. Recently, Johnson appeared on popular podcast The Jasta Show, speaking with the Hatebreed frontman about the accident.

Johnson suffered serious injuries in the crash, including losing some of his toes. Talking to Jamey Jasta, the guitarist discussed the mindset thereafter, specially any issues relating to post traumatic stress.

“There are a few guys who have kind of been experiencing that—I mean all of us did. I haven’t had too hard of a problem with it lately. You know directly after and figuring out what happened… I was awake throughout the entire accident, so I remember that and then waiting for help. And then I also… The last thing I remember was the helicopter taking off to take me to the hospital and then I’m pretty sure they pumped me full of pain meds or knocked me out or whatever when they got me in a medical vehicle.

“But just thinking about that a lot and the first time when I got back on my phone, obviously I had quite a few calls and messages and stuff. But like seeing… I got on Facebook and saw articles that had pictures of the bus and I was like ‘yeah, that’s too soon right now.” I’m decently fine with it now, just, you know, the road’s a pretty fucking freaky place sometimes,” Johnson said (as transcribed by

Moreover, The Ghost Inside member revealed the perspective he’s since adopted, when observing his current condition. Johnson has returned home, and appears to have a glass half-full approach to his recovery.

“When I’m at home now, I can get around decently well. There’s like some areas I can’t go cause a walker won’t fit through. but everything’s slowly getting better. I remember when I was in the hospital at one point I couldn’t move either of my legs, so it’s wild to think how quick of a comeback all of that is. If you just sit there and wallow in it, like you were saying, it’s easy to get pissed off about it, but ya know, life happens, can’t control it so…”

Prior to the accident, the band was already writing new music. While, the group’s health and welfare – rightfully so – is at the forefront before the music, The Ghost Inside will continue to develop the ideas originally drafted.

“For us as The Ghost Inside it’s going to take awhile for everybody to get to the point where we can be a band. You know, like physically play with each other. But we were already writing—our plan was to record, like early 2016. So I’ll continue riffing and writing stuff for TGI,” Johnson said.

GoFundMe campaign is still set-up to help the band members with associated medical costs.

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