She Cries Wolf post tour footage

If they’re not one of your locals favourites already then you should soon rectify the fact. Gold Coast’s She Cries Wolf recently wrapped up a – successful – tour in support of their current single, ‘We’re All Arsonists‘. And, well, when you’ve got an impressive live show to accompany an already solid sound, your performances need capturing.

The locals have uploaded a new video (view below), shot by Nick Hargans Media, which documents some of the band’s recent shows.

She Cries Wolf post:

“Our dear friend Nick Hargans cut together this cool video of our first weekend of tour a few weeks ago. Nick has always been one of our favourite photographers and we’re stoked that he has branched out into the world of film. Check out his page, here: Nick Hargans Media.”

While it’s already been a productive year for the band, you could be forgiven for also thinking the band walked under a series of ladders while on tour. Guitarist Daniel Belic burst his ear drum last month, and drummer Alex Moutin missed the whole tour as a result of “regular nocturnal seizures.”

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