Belphegor frontman attacked by Russian Orthodox Christian activist

As certain as the sky will always remain blue, particular individuals will continue to oppose heavy metal. You know the types of folks, they’re the ones where you’d have a more productive discussion if you instead stepped outside and talked to the nearest brick wall.

The latest incident, occurring at a Russian airport, involves Belphegor’s Helmuth Lehner and a Russian Orthodox Christian activist (reportedly) named Vitali Milonova Anatoly Artyukhov. All the while being filmed, the recent confrontation (view below) saw Artyukhov initially spit in Lehner‘s face (charming behaviour, right?!).

Later in the video, Artyukhov is captured attempting to punch Lehner but is denied by Nile‘s Karl Sanders, with the US musician then insisting, “It’s not going to happen.”

Moreover, Artyukhov later alleged, as reported by Metal Insider, it was Lehner that attacked him, a claim since refuted by a spokesperson from Infinity Concerts who said, “It’s all lies and slander. There are surveillance cameras that are recorded. We most likely will file a complaint with the police on the fact of hooliganism.”

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