Architects release fully fledged banger, ‘Gone With The Wind’

With both brutality and melody, Architects have just released one of their best songs to date – ‘Gone With The Wind‘.

Their new album, ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us‘, will drop on May 27th through UNFD, and you just know it’s gonna be a big one.

If you somehow missed it last month, check out the album’s first single, ‘A Match Made In Heaven‘, right here.

Seriously, this track is some next level stuff.

Pre-orders are available via 24Hundred.Net and iTunes.

8 Responses to “Architects release fully fledged banger, ‘Gone With The Wind’”

  1. heavymetal_mitch

    Oversold it. It’s good, but pretty standard Architects. I kept waiting for that ‘next level’ moment that never came…

    • Alex Sievers Alex Sievers

      Fair call man, but what you just said is how I felt about A Match Made In Heaven – pretty good, but standard Architects. Whereas I loved the shit out of this song, haha.

    • heavymetal_mitch

      Fk ye-ahh, Emmure, Attilla, fkn Whitechapel YEAH! Hahahaha

      Nah, I love Architects, just didn’t find anything extraordinary about this. But I do really gotta change my login, it’s my email from when I was 14, 14 years ago haha

      • Firey259 Horsey

        That chorus melody, sick break downs, sick chorus build, solid verses, awesome atmospheric sounds, she’s a banger.

        Onya Mitch, you’re a good sport!


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