Whitechapel confirm clean vocals included on new album

Following the lead of musical peers such as Lamb Of God, US deathcore frontrunners Whitechapel will incorporate clean singing into their upcoming album…but rest easy, you staunch metal heads, the clean vocals will only make up a small portion of the new music.

When speaking with Killyourstereo.com in 2014, guitarist Alex Wade observed the band’s intentions to always evolve and not reduce and limit the music to generic styles.

“Bands should set out to do whatever they intend to do but I definitely find that pigeonholing yourself into some obscure sub-genre that no has ever heard of before, I don’t really find that benefitting any bands career. I think we started to break out of that mould on our self-titled record, stopped caring about the whole deathcore label and just wrote metal songs,” Wade said.

Taking to Twitter, frontman Phil Bozeman revealed the new album will feature two songs with clean singing. Cue scene kid debate.

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